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Craft Market Project

Created during my time at the Royal College of Art, this project is inspired by a craft market and the artists and craft makers that exhibit their work there. Though these markets have traditionally featured handmade “craft”, they have evolved to include digital artists, photographers and publishers, all selling original works.


I was inspired by how the structure of the market creates a community for independent artists to interact with one another, and how it serves as a hub for artists and visitors to communicate and exchange ideas. My project tells the stories of a series of craft makers and their individual practices through illustrated booklets based on interviews with the artists that provide insights into their crafting journey and processes.


I have curated an exhibition using the format and display methods of a craft market as a tool to communicate these ideas. Craft makers have been invited to lend a favourite piece of their work to be displayed at my market stall. These are not necessarily the craft makers’ best-selling creations but are items that they particularly loved creating, or have fond memories attached to them. The booklets I designed will be displayed alongside the curated pieces, and visitors will be encouraged to read them to learn more about the piece and the maker, before taking a closer look at the objects. 

Booklet 1: Colours of the Sea

Porcelain Bowl: Created by Rosie Ruddock
RISO booklet: Created by Jing Yi Kuah

Booklet 2: Wonders of the Universe

Astrophotograph: Photographed by Ethan Wong
RISO Booklet: Created by Jing Yi Kuah

Kopi and Kaya Toast stamps: Created by Rachel Ma
RISO Booklet: Created by Jing Yi Kuah

Sharing a Craft

Illustration: Created by Jessica Ciccolone
RISO Booklet: Created by Jing Yi Kuah

It's a simple Illustration

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